Welcome to the Sidekick webshop, in conjunction with Larsen Howie - the specialist insurance and IR35 provider for contractors, freelancers and consultants.

Professional Indemnity

Provides cover for the legal representation, damages and awards that are the result of a claim made against the business that allege errors or omissions in providing a professional service. Cover extends to include the loss of or damage to documents, Data Protection defence costs, awards by Ombudsmen, court attendance costs as well as providing indemnity to principles, sub-contractors and specialists.

Public (& Employers) Liability

Ensures protection for contractors who interact regularly with clients, providing cover for claims made against the business from end clients, the general public or people visited who allege personal injury or property damage, and can be extended to include employees. Mistakenly thought of as only being required if a business operates from an office, accidents will always happen wherever and no matter how careful a business is.

IR35 Tax Investigation Insurance

No matter how well a contractor runs their business, it is constantly faced with the risk of being one of the thousands HMRC open an investigation into each year, be it an IR35 status, VAT, PAYE or other enquiry, and even if just starting out. Cover is provided for the professional fees of our highly experienced IR35 and tax experts who defend you and look to swiftly conclude the HMRC enquiry.

Contractor Jury Service & ID Theft

Provides cover for two of the most uncontrollable risks a contractor faces; being unable to earn whilst attending Jury Service, and the legal costs of defending and rectifying personal identity should it get stolen. Jury Service provides cover for up to £650 per day and £6,500 in total per claim when a contractor is randomly selected and called to attend.

Contractor Legal Protection

Covers the expensive legal costs a contractor faces when having to defend or pursue legal action with a third party. A complimentary legal telephone advice line also comes as standard.